Unleash Your Property's Full Potential

Unleash Your Property's Full Potential

Start your project with a private utility design in Bangor or Brewer, ME

Do you own undeveloped property? Maybe you're planning to build a school or a strip mall. You see potential in what most people see as a flat patch of ground. Hampden Electrical wants to help you bring your development vision to life.

We provide private utility design and installation in Bangor & Brewer, ME. You'll simply tell us about your specific project needs and preferences. We'll then create a private utility design to be approved by you, any overseeing entities and the necessary utility companies.

Plan your development project with Hampden Electrical in Bangor or Brewer, ME today.

Satisfy your development's needs

Each private utility installation project is one of a kind. That's why our team will work closely with you to install the elements that you need. Maybe you're building a campground. We can excavate and run power underground over multiple miles and set up volts on the side of the road. Maybe you're building a strip mall. We'll connect power to each individual building.

Find out more about our private utility installation services now by calling (207) 942-6255.